In Järve ITBuss you are serviced by: Digicell OÜ / Reg.nr 12670906 / KMKR nr: EE101727415

Address: Pärnu mnt. 236a, Tallinn Phone: +372 56 811 006 E-mail: jarve@itbuss.ee

On location at ITBuss Järve, all repairs and improvements for televisions, computers and other electronics will be serviced.

IT Technician Vsevolod , will diagnose and repair your computer or build you a new one, if the old one has bombed! Priit has extensive expertise in hardware repairs and he can surely find the best solution. If you purchase a new component or plug for your laptop adapter from Oomi store next door, then ITBuss Järve will fuse, solder and install it for you.