In Lasnamäe ITBuss you are serviced by: Lasna ITRemont OÜ / 12414416 / KMKR nr: EE101608631

ITBuss Lasnamäe is a professional and very fast repair of computers and almost any electronics. If the repair does not require the order of rare spare parts, then most likely we will repair your equipment within 24 hours. Alex is working on computers, setting up software, and master Peter is working on TVs, stereos and other electronics. Initial inspection and basic diagnostics are always free. The price of repair is always announced before the execution of works. We can always offer a replacement technique for the failed. Available tested computers, televisions and music equipment.
Inspection, basic diagnostics (in the presence of the client) up to 10 minutes – free
Diagnostics (disassembly required) – 5-30 euros
Small, fast work up to 15 minutes – 2-15 euros
ITbuss Lasnamäe waits for its customers every day except Sunday.
Address: Mustakivi tee 17, Tallinn Phone: +372 56 811 004 E-mail: