In Mustamäe ITBuss you are serviced by: Digicell OÜ / 12670906 / KMKR nr: EE101727415

In Mustamäe, Marja 3, Tallinn, we repair computers and diverse electronics. IT Technician Mihkel withholds expertise in programming and Andrei withholds countless years of electronic seniority.

Also, in need of addressing a more complex or cumbersome apparatus repair, we will further transport the items to a larger facility, if necessary. In the Mustamäe facility, we repair coffee machines, water kettles and other small household electronics/machines.

Address: Marja 3, Tallinn Phone: +372 56 811 008 E-mail:


Mon-Fri 10-19
Sat 12-17
Sun Closed (by appointment)